Big event to celebrate SINTO’S 25th anniversary!



Big event to celebrate SINTO’S 25th anniversary!


As part of the celebrations surrounding Sinto’s 25th anniversary (Sinto being a Canadian leader in the manufacturing and distribution of lubricating products), a big event took place Saturday July 16 in order to acknowledge this remarkable achievement with employees and their families. 

On this historical day, the rebranding that had started a few years ago was officialised with the unveiling of the newly renovated plant and offices. These changes were made in order to reflect Sinto’s new colors.  Guests were able to visit the plant guided by the young co-owners of the company, Mr. Pierre-Luc Thomassin and Mr. Samuel Champagne.  « The tour was appreciated by guests and we saw a spark of pride and enthusiasm in the eyes of our employees » reported Mr. Thomassin. 

The celebration continued with the prestigious evening gala where all the company workers were warmly thanked by board members for their meaningful contribution to the growth of SINTO.  The company is currently experiencing an impressive growth and the staff’s contribution as well as the arrival of the new owners certainly has something to do with it.


The company managers took the opportunity to immortalize SINTO’s story by unveiling the Marcel Champagne Cup, named in honor of the man who was the main manager and owner of the company from 1963 to 2012.  « The Marcel Champagne Cup will acknowledge each year the work done by one of our team members who will have shown heartfelt involvement in the company and who will have realized an extraordinary achievement » explains Mr. Samuel Champagne, son of late Marcel Champagne.


SINTO’S 25th anniversary celebrations will continue all year with the release of many videos about the company and its products as well as a public open house one day in September.










For more than 25 years SINTO has been an industry leader in the field of high performance lubricating oils, designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of state-of-the-art products. We are based in Saint-Georges de Beauce in Quebec where every one of our products is engineered to perfection by a team of technicians, chemists and engineers. Our network includes 30 SINTO experts located across Canada and together we are proud to provide high performance products to thousands of customers in many different fields: Heavy machinery, Automotive, Recreation vehicles, Industrial equipment and Agricultural machinery.

Information: Pierre-Luc Thomassin, General Manager, SINTO inc. (418) 227-6442 ext.:108,